Friday, October 7, 2016

LARP and Demonic Enemies

It was some kind of elaborate LARP. I wasn't sure what was going on. Part of it seemed to be real, like I was there and taking part, and parts of it felt like I was controlling what was going on with my character remotely, as if I was online and the game was miles away. I was a magic user, and I remember having to try to take down the bad guy while we were all running through the woods. I was shouting out spells, making hand gestures, but nothing was working, and I wasn't even sure how the rules worked. I was just making up words and shouting them out, until I finally shouted "Summon Demogorgon" and everyone just stopped and it was game over. I'd killed the bad guy, and all of us too.

We packed up and agreed to meet up later. We were out of the game but I knew something was wrong, and the demonic presence I'd summoned was still a danger in the real world. It was after someone.

I bundled the target into a car, the driver was going to take us to Scotland to get away from it, but he didn't want to know where it was exactly in case the presence could read his mind.

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