Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mechanical Virus

There was a spider in the house. But it wasn't a normal house, it was one I'd not seen before. A friend managed to get it out of the door but it was huge, and it left behind a sack that I was convinced contained eggs. Sweeping the spider (about the size of a hand) out the door with a broom, the scene suddenly cut to the bedroom.

I was trying on clothes, trying to decide what trousers to wear. There were these cool black trousers that had highlights that glowed like something from Tron, but the person (I don't remember who it was) in the room told me they were over-trousers and I couldn't wear them. I needed to find some normal trousers. That's when the person's parter arrived. He was angry, and built like an american footballer. And there was me, without trousers.

The scene changed again, we were breaking into a base, and there was a virus that the villains were releasing. It could be controlled, and it started like a strange floating mass, glowing, about the size of an apple. It reached out tendrils, and was grabbing nails, tools, metal and anything it could find to absorb the materials and grow into a dangerous, sharp force that could pierce flesh and armour.