Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cathedral Climb

I suddenly become conscious where before, apparently, I wasn't.
I am in a massive cathedral  Apparently, I am standing under the tower; but instead of a roof directly above me, I can see all the way up, and there are no stairs. The sumptuousness of this place cannot be over-emphasized: beautiful cloths, deep red in colour, line everything; gold, brass, even gems guild each object here. I cannot see myself; nor do I know (or even wonder) why I am here. A man, apparently a priest, wearing a smock (which is also incredibly intricate, a deep red colour overlaying a white dress, pure as a cloud)  is climbing the wall. He is young, and at times it seems my consciousness is within him, that I am the one climbing, even as I watch myself climb.

He suddenly slips. My consciousness returns to my vantage from the floor. For a second, everything holds still; then, he falls. His face is a mask of terror, his arms in front of his face desperate to protect himself at landing. There is no sound, or at least, I cannot hear it. All I can see is him falling.... onto the pulpit. 

As befits this place, the pulpit is huge, stairs winding around it. It is also made entirely out of diamond. The man's body hits it; hard. His body is a wreck, though I cannot be sure if he is dead, for at that moment, the dream ends....

....and i awake, my heart feeling like I have just run a marathon. I doubt I will be able to sleep again soon. The final image of the man is set in my mind, and I cannot forget it.