Monday, October 15, 2012

The Lion King

Dream: I was in a strange open hall, with an audience sat around the outside. For some reason I was taking part in a drama, where I was the head of a pride of lions. I was wearing a fake lion head, a huge thing that could mimic my facial expressions for the part, despite it looking like it was mainly made out of cardboard.

The play started, the crowd was silent, and I was crawling on all fours, pretending to be the pride leader. Strange creatures were coming in from the edges of the stage. I tried to bargain with them, there was lots of emotion and I could feel like I was a talking lion. It was weird. I offered the creatures my own life in exchange for that of my mate and cubs. The creatures backed off, the lights went up and the audience applauded.

It was the intermission, and I was mingling with the crowd. People were congratulating me on my performance. As I wandered around, the intermission allowed for makeshift stalls to be set up around the stage, and I continued around the edge of the stage looking at the vendors' wares. One was a couple of girls who'd a stall of old toys, cars and a construction set. I asked them where they'd found them, and they said they'd bought them in a jumble sale.

Then I woke up!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fake Illusions

Dream: I had been invited to a seminar by a world renowned faith healer, a west indian whose name I couldn't remember. He was supposed to be the most important figure of his kind, and the seminar attracted a lot of people, some of them were my family, others were important figures in politics and celebrity.

We sat on folding chairs and awaited the faith healer's entrance. He strode in, escorted by a member of the British royal family, but I can't remember which one. As he walked in, I remember being mesmerised by his shoes. He wore soft shoes, almost like a mix between Japanese Tabi and ladies court shoes. Everyone in the room was fascinated by the shoes as well.

It was well known that the highlight of his seminar was when he was supposed to levitate. I was sceptical, expecting the same old trick like those street magicians. Suddenly he launched himself and levitated five feet in the air. Everyone gasped and was entranced by this miracle, but everyone was staring at his feet. I looked up, and could clearly see the transparent plastic wires that were attached to his belt, holding him up.

I got up, and disappointed I left, but the huge amounts of security wouldn't let me leave, so I ended up sitting on some steps within the building, waiting for the sham of a show to end.

A Smaller Vision

Dream: We'd moved house for some reason. It was a huge building in a vast terrace - all of the houses were joined and were so big that you could walk through the middle of the houses like they were part of the street. We'd bought a flat, but all I saw were two big living rooms, joined in the middle by an archway. Outside, it was snowing.

We'd invited some friends over to the new place, it was still a mess, but already had that lived in feel, with a lot of clutter and trinkets like a typical old house. My wife had bought a new TV, replacing our own. It was tiny. A 6" screen in an antique wooden cabinet with dials and a brown speaker at the side of it. The grainy little image was black and white.

As our guests started to arrive, friends from my wife's place of work (and some odd guy I didn't recognise, maybe he wasn't supposed to be there) I asked how she was going to play video games on it or watch BluRays. There wasn't a Scart socket, never mind an HDMI port... it just had an old coaxial input. On the screen was her favourite video game, but it was hard to see it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tiny Island

Dream: I don't know what this all means but I remember distinctly travelling to Scotland. I don't know why I was there, but I'd parked my car and headed out to this strange island in the middle of a small, perfectly square lake (or loch). The water must have only been about 100m x 100m, and the ground from the island was attached to the banks by partially eroded earth that formed arches and bridges to the island itself.

Once on the island, I could see the sun was setting. There were some small standing stones, less than three feet high, and as the sun went down the tourists that milled around on the island packed up and left. I'd pulled out my pocket camera and started filming myself, but the light had become so poor that I didn't think any of it was going to come out.

I remember thinking that it wasn't worth me trying to get home now as the sun had already set, so I considered just sitting there on the island alone until morning... then I woke.