Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Strange Stairs and Film Crews

Dream: I'd just returned home, though it was a strange house, to find the front door was open and a TV film crew was wandering around looking for new locations for their action series. D greeted me and told me how exciting it was, but I was more concerned about all of the animals escaping out of the front door.

My aunt arrived on the doorstep, she was confused and unsure of what was going on. It was the first time she'd seen the house so I offered to show her around. Thinking it best to avoid the film crew, I decided to show her around upstairs first, but the stairs were strange and suddenly narrowed.

A family came down the stairs as we were going up, parents and two very young blonde girls. One of them looked unstable on the bit of stairs where you had to cross using a plank, and she fell, throwing herself backwards into the corridor of the floor below. I looked in relief as she looked back up at us, she was okay if a little scared.

The house continued up, more floors than it should logically have, ending in a hatch in the roof. I was about to open it when I woke.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

High Seas Terror

Dream: I was on a huge ship, like a modern cruise liner, and I'd managed to track down a notorious terrorist. I met up with C, she was my partner on this mission to take the terrorist down. But when I told her that I'd found him, she told me we had to let him go, despite the long line of murdered wives he was leaving behind, like some modern Bluebeard.

I couldn't leave it at that, and went below decks to put a stop to it. Under the deck, the ship was ancient, like an old pirate ship. I snuck around and knew where I needed to be. I had to open a hatch, but it was being guarded by two rather inept pirates.

Lifting the lid of the hatch, instead of a way down to the next level, the hatch revealed parts - components of something, each part made out of a large shape carved out of wood. One of the pieces didn't fit, and I managed to grab it and use it to knock out the two pirates. But then I woke.