Monday, July 22, 2013

In Your Face

Dream: I was sitting at a table with my partner and another woman. This other wasn't someone I recognised, though she could have been someone off of the TV. She was someone my partner worked with, but not in reality. We'll call her M.

M was an intense girl. When she spoke to people she liked to get into their personal space and get so close that her nose almost touched the person she was speaking to. M spoke to my partner, and I could see it wasn't a pleasant experience, and I pulled them apart. I turned to M and explained to her that it wasn't nice to get so "in your face" when speaking, and that it was an invasion of space. M leaned in to me and put her face almost against mine and continued on without really understanding.

I tried to explain that with your face that close, if I mumbled, or spoke very quietly, she wouldn't be able to understand as she couldn't see my lips move to work out what I said.


Then I was walking over a bridge. It was an old bridge with art deco street lights. A team of workers were painting the bridge white, but they had only completed half of it. The were painting every part, including the floor.

As I crossed, a man ran up behind me incredibly fast. He seemed to be so impatient that he didn't wait to get around me (even though there was plenty of room) and he jumped off the the side of the bridge, and into the water. But he was running so fast, that he didn't sink, he just continued running on the surface until he hit dry land and ran off.

When I reached the other side of the bridge, some people I recognised were there. They were people I used to hang around with, but not any more. They were hosting a huge musical number with around twenty people all singing and dancing this strange tune and blocking my path. They danced around me, singing and spinning me around trying to make me dizzy and trying to force me back towards the river.

I kept protesting, saying that I couldn't swim, but they kept pushing and spinning me, the leader of the group grinning... this was all planned...