Thursday, August 30, 2012

Battlefield Cycling

Dream: The dream started in a post-apocalyptic battlefield. There was some form of military; I was a conscript. I got locked in a building on my own. I was trying to pretend I was dead or missing or not there, but I was tracked down, escaped somehow, and ended up walking through wastelands. I got on this old coach which had a side part even though we were driving along. The coach was shaped like a T with an extension out of the left side with its own wheels.

There was bit where I took a less popular route to an island. I was cycling to a camp site. The route split into one for cars and one for bicycles and became like a roller coaster made of telegraph poles stuck into the ground, and I nearly fell off. I managed to reach the end and got to a camping site where I could stay. I went to get some resources (of some kind, food?) and there was these tiny gnomes and if you clicked on them (as if in a game) they turned into rats and left behind these things like four spheres in a pyramid shape.

Then stole a boat and rowed to a village by the sea. There where lots of tourists who had come by a different route. I was trying to avoid everyone. Somebody died and the locals wanted to be left alone to bury this person and the tourists wanted to come along and watch.

I wanted to leave so I got back by using this piece of flotsam and jetsam like a stiff sleeping bag that floated; swam with my arms. I was worried that I would look like food to sharks when I came back. I looked under the water and I saw a whale, although I didn't know until I saw the fluke and could work out the scale of what I saw.

Adventure: The post-apocalyptic battlefield seems to be a common dream, and the feeling of being forced into a military situation. The subject is trying to avoid people throughout the dream, but why? Cycling or walking on precarious routes is another common situation, but the subject managed to reach their destination. Most dreams end with a recurring frustration at being unable to get somewhere. 

The tiny gnomes could mean something, but more interesting is the four spheres in a pyramid shape. What could this represent? Is it something from the subject's waking world that they are searching for? Some dream representation of an artifact? 

Castle Siege

Dream: After months of building, the defences were ready. The peninsular was multi-levelled, building slowly to the castle at the top. The invading forces stormed towards it, trying to breach the walls when the tide came in and swept a majority of them away.

Half way up one of the levels, the prince stood. Resplendent in his golden armour. The forces were determined, and he called upon the spirits of nature to help. A statue in the side of the cliff animated, and holding in her hands a chain of letters, like child's building blocks, these letters changed and morphed to become something new. The word was unclear, but light shone from the statue's eyes and the attackers were vaporised.

Inside the castle, myself, the newcomer, was shown around. At the head of the great hall, a number of thrones were arranged. The cleric explained that the thrones themselves were all decoys, and the royalty sat on invisible chairs just behind the thrones for their business meetings, as so many people had sneaked in in the past and booby-trapped the thrones. This was the safest way to meet.

Adventure: It's obvious that the vast amounts of defences are necessary to protect something, but what? A memory? A secret hidden from the world? Or something more mundane. What word was the cliff spirit trying to spell? Was it a warning of something to come?

The idea of invisible thrones to seat those in power behind decoys leads us to think that the subject is worried about being tricked or deceived in some way, or that they feel threatened by those around them. Who should they be afraid of, especially if it is someone who can get close enough to the throne room itself?