Saturday, March 30, 2013

Room At The Top

Dream: The top floor was haunted. There was something weird going on in there, and the room had been sealed for the last thirteen years. I was fascinated by it, and lay on the stairs to the top floor of the three storey georgian house, staring at the wall where the door used to be. It was covered in warnings, posters, newspaper, and everything, but you could still see where countless locks and padlocks remained buried behind layers of paper. No one could get close to it, there was just something bad in there and you started to feel worse the closer you got.

I gave up and went back down to the second floor. The wedding reception was continuing at great pace, and B continued past in a grey suit, following the rest of the guys from the wedding in traditional conga style. Very drunk, very much enjoying the evening. The only problem was, I knew there was something wrong with B's new bride, E. She wasn't who she appeared to be. She had created a completely fake persona, backed it up with fake profiles online, even photoshopped documents. But we knew differently, we knew who she really was and we were determined to expose her lies.

D was busy checking through papers downstairs, before the owner of the ground floor shop returned. The newsagents was normally busy, but the only person who'd been in that evening was someone dropping off those annoying free magazines about local events. It was then that D found something. Proof that E wasn't who she appeared. Typically, that was when the owner of the shop returned and we had to leave, to head back upstairs to the reception.

When we returned, E was heading up the stairs again to the top floor, where the sealed room was. I followed, to see her ripping the paper off of the walls and door, wrenching the door open with superhuman strength. He face contorted, turned into that of a giant dog or wolf, and whatever it was that was in there emerged. The two locked in combat, E-dog biting the thing in the face, and then I woke...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Time Travelling Workplace

Dream: I was at work. It was obvious that it was a typical work-anxiety dream. The shop where I was working was being rearranged, and I moved some of the large shelving units and discovered a door that wasn't there before. I opened it, and there was a small hallway, with a door at the end, and some stairs going up. It looked a bit like a fire exit from the rest of the building. Through the door at the opposite end, I opened it and it lead into the shop next-door. But something was wrong. It was empty, deserted, and the shelves were empty. I realised that this was the shop next-door, but before it had opened. The door had lead me back into the past.

I retreated back into the my workplace, and explained to the person I was with what had happened. Curious to see if it was still like this, we both went through the door again, but when we opened the second one, the shop was gone, replaced by open ground and an old factory across the road. It felt like I was in the right place, but it was before WWII, before the area had been destroyed by bombs.