Friday, April 12, 2013

Intruder Alert

Dream: I'm in our bedroom a drunk man falls through the window onto the floor wearing a beanie hat. I ask him to leave as I am scared. He is very slow and reluctant to leave. My husband offers to show him his muscles but I ask him not to as it won't help. He walks out of our room into our child's room. 

I don't like this and shove him out as I feel he has discovered our secret. I look in on W and he is sitting reading a book happily on his bed so I am comforted. Th intruder goes downstairs towards the front door but then turns and goes into the kitchen. I finally get him out by pushing him out of the front door and bolting many locks. I try to turn off the lights so I can see him on the street but it takes ages to turn the right switch. When I do it I look for him up the road and he is pulling up his trousers and pants after urinating in the street. He walks up the road gesticulating at me and now has long hair. An old fashioned fire engine covered with flashing modern lights comes down the road next to him and I am disappointed it isn't a police car and cannot help me.

Campsite Tramps

Dream: I am topless and walking around a campsite at dawn not expecting to see anyone. I come across two older ladies walking their dogs and I panic that they will see me, so I start to run. 

A sheep starts to chase me to keep up but the lady catches him and says weird things like, "Did you see that sheep run?" In our campsite, M and I are staying in my grandmother's caravan without her knowing. I suggest we stay until Monday and let C know to come over. A tramp that I've noticed a lot around the city comes out of a forest with other tramps wearing pink boots and a Barbie helmet, obviously high on drugs. I ask him if he has been taking drugs and he says he has. I jokingly tell him off and how disappointed I am with him.