Friday, October 21, 2016

Wedding Murders

I was at a strange party that was a combination of a wedding reception, and the celebration of the end of a play production. I remember getting into a huge lift with a group of the actors who were dressed in fake armour that was flexible. At the top of the lift, I remember getting out and there was an argument. There was a guy there who was acting like a robot - his actions were cold, deliberate and he was doing exactly what he had been programmed. He didn't look like a robot, just a normal young guy with close cut blond hair and wearing army green like an Action Man from the 70's.

He'd killed someone at the wedding, and things had started to get confusing. I remember trying to leave, and someone was pushed, landing with the back of their head being impaled on a wooden spike that was jutting out of a doorway. I started walking down the stairs, and I remember I was holding a pencil. The tip had broken off and I had crushed graphite all over my left hand. I touched the cream, expensive wallpaper, but didn't realise I was covered in this graphite, leaving a grey smudge down the wall. In amongst the murders and confusion I was worried that I'd damaged the wallpaper and was looking for something I could use to clean it as I walked down the stairs.

That's all I can remember.

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