Monday, April 13, 2020

Wicca buildings

I was on the top floor of a massive gothic building. There was something strange going on, and part of it started crumbling and collapsing - parts of the stained glass were dropping down the central stairway. I fled the building, running down the stairs, and out into the street.

I couldn't get to where I needed to be, people were in the way, but they needed to be warned of the collapsing building, but the bottom floor of the building was currently being occupied by a Witchcraft and Wicca convention.

I can't remember the rest!

Painting and Planes

I was part of one of those painting programmes, where they get amateurs in to paint a still life and judge them. We were in a studio surrounded on three sides by full windows looking out over the sea and beach of a tourist town.

The time was up, and my painting was of a vase. It wasn't finished, and it was awful. I heard the judges, and I smeared purple paint over the front of the vase in an arty way, before handing it in. As the judges started talking I heard the sound of a propeller driven plane buzzing past the window. I looked and it was horribly close as it went by. The other contestants looked at it, and one of the judges said that they would call the police.

As we watched, the plane came around again, and did a loop-the-loop over the sea, but it hadn't given itself enough room and smacked into the sea with a horrible splash. There was no explosion, and as the water settled there was the wreckage of another two or three similar planes floating in the water. The judge started to call the coastguard.

Fingers and waking dreams

I woke up. Or at least, I'd thought I had. D was getting dressed and was very stressed about something. I got up and came over to the top of the stairs to see what she was doing. She was trying to plug in a small portable light, and I asked her what she was doing. She was making something with a machine, but it was early in the morning.

I said, "It's four in the morning" and as I said it I noticed that my hands were strange. There was an extra knuckle and as I looked I could see an extra finger on each hand hidden behind. I was confused and shocked, and knew something was wrong. I started panicking, knowing that something strange was going on and I wasn't sure if I was awake or not.

D tried to console me, and told me to lay down on the folded duvet that was on the floor.

I just remember saying, almost crying, "Don't make me go to sleep, I don't think I'll be able to wake up..."

I woke up in reality with a start.

Trent Reznor and Vultures

I was supposed to be getting to a "getaway car". It was parked outside a fast, glass fronted library. I couldn't see it yet, but I knew I had to get to it. Ben Whishaw was there, and pulled a gun - trying to stop me. I ran for the door, and had to push my way through a dozen girl scouts who were actually small robots...

They were in the way, but I managed to scramble through and past the barriers outside. In the carpark it was on two levels and I ran to the lower one. The car I needed was parked up against the railing on the raised level, and I could see Trent Reznor prepping the car. His left arm was raised, and he had a vulture perched on it, with its wings spread. As I clambered up to the car, he moved around the back of the car - a black american sports car - and the vulture flew off. He climbed into the back seat, and pulled a blanket over himself so he couldn't be seen, and I got into the driving seat.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Snakes, Spiders and Owls

The basement of the house was unstable. I don't know how, but the very earth beneath the basement was deteriorating, and the basement shifted as one complete unit. The back of the basement dropped suddenly, and I could see cabinets and cases fall to the floor and shatter - snakes and spiders escaping and moving across the floor.

I remember seeing the creatures running away as the basement lurched and suddenly dropped, the back pitching down and then the whole basement dropping away.

The next thing I remember I was in a house - I'm unsure if it was the same house as the basement. The house had a second floor with a ladder and an open area. There was an owl, and I saw it drop from its perch and its wings deteriorate. I panicked, and ran from the house and called for help. There was an expert outside I knew could look after the owl. She came in with her friend, and she climbed the ladder with me as I lead her to the owl. Her friend stayed on the ground floor. She commented that we were six-feet-seven above her. There were gaps in the floor, and we had to stand on the tops of bookcases to get to the floor with the owl.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Time and Time again

Can't remember much of it, but I remember I was sat on a seat outside on a giant school campus - there was a girl, she was wearing old school robes, and she said that it wasn't going to work, if they found out that was liked each other she would be kicked out. The next thing I knew, she'd run off and I hear that she'd killed herself.

But it wasn't the first time. I remember later she was there again, and we were about to be kicked out of the airlock of a spaceship. As I was about to be thrown in, the guard asked "Do you want to be saved?" - and they took a sample, plugging it into a device so they could create a new version of me from this moment. At that, knowing I'd be recreated, I was fine with being kicked out into space. I didn't think of the ramifications of dying, and another me being created. I just knew that I would drift in space, becoming an icicle, and that it'd be okay.

I met her again. There was a fight, hundreds of guards, and I was armed with a shotgun. We'd failed, and as I fell to the floor, I could see her again, laid in a pool of blood - she looked different, but I knew it was the same girl. As I fell, I could see a weird spiderlike creature, almost a silicone chip with longer legs and an interface needle, crawl out of her cheek - I knew she'd been backed up, and would be recreated.

We'd meet again.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Catfish and Bugs

I was in a huge house. It was a modern, American house, with a vast drive and patio doors. I was sitting in the living room, talking to a middle aged man I didn't recognise about how I met the owner of the house. The owner, who wasn't there, was an amateur film-maker who I'd met briefly when I was helping him escape from a particularly scary catfish. She had faked her identity and moved into his house.

(I'm starting to forget bits already)

There was a sequence when he was escaping, running down a mountain. This flashback as I was describing it played like the low budget movie he'd made. He was being pursued by people, and there was a bit where he'd laid traps for them. As they failed to work out math questions or understand how to get past the traps, they fell apart into blocks as if they weren't real.

As I told the tale of his escape, the door opened and loads of people came in lead by the film-maker I recognised. He'd arrived in a trailer that was so big it had to be carried on the back of an 18-wheeler that seemed impossibly huge. The drive was still big enough for it.

The film-maker, we'll call him Dennis, said hi and said he was glad I could make it, then went off to sort something.

I remember looking over in the corner of the room, getting up from the sofa and getting down on my hands and knees. The carpet was sprouting things in the corner - tiny creatures were growing. I looked at my left forearm and there were dozens of little black worms spiralling up through the skin. I brushed them off, and they fell out of the holes in my arm, tumbling to the floor where they joined the other creatures, growing into tiny soldiers, tigers, and bugs.

The worms kept sprouting from my arm. Dennis came back down and started zooming in with a small handheld camera to film what was happening. I asked how I could stop them, and he suggested moving over to a different corner of the room and seeing if the creatures that would sprout there would form another army that would fight the original.

That's when I woke up.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Staring at the Sea

I was at work, only it wasn't quite right. The owner had decided to expand, building a new part of the building and I was looking around it with a handful of people. The front was curved, a complete 180 degree window panorama that looked out directly onto the beach. I remember standing up against the glass, looking out and seeing that the sand of the beach came right up to the wall at the bottom of the building, the curve jutting out into the beach itself. Out the window I could see the waves of the sea, huge and tumbling in slow motion, and at once I felt happy.

I turned back to the group of people in the construction, and recognised someone from school that I haven't seen since those days. I remember turning to her and saying "I f***ing love the beach." Before striding off...

I'd left the building, and I was holding a load of important paperwork in my hand. It was dark now, and I was walking into the town, but I couldn't help but feel I was being followed. I rolled the papers into a tube and gripped them hard like a weapon and made my way through a crowd of people in the town centre.

There was a police car in front of me, parked. A couple of police officers were leaning against it, keeping an eye on people and chatting. I approached, and told the female officer that I was being followed and felt like someone was after the important paperwork that I had in my hand. The officer said that there was nothing they could do about it.

I said, "What am I supposed to do then? What would you do if you were in my position?"

She just turned to me and said, "Kill them all."

I could see some of the dodgy people looking at me from a higher road level. I said, "If you say so," and drew a pistol and started shooting. There were more of them, hanging onto the side of a bus, and I remember shooting at them through the windows of the bus as it tried to make its way through the town.

And then I woke...

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mechanical Virus

There was a spider in the house. But it wasn't a normal house, it was one I'd not seen before. A friend managed to get it out of the door but it was huge, and it left behind a sack that I was convinced contained eggs. Sweeping the spider (about the size of a hand) out the door with a broom, the scene suddenly cut to the bedroom.

I was trying on clothes, trying to decide what trousers to wear. There were these cool black trousers that had highlights that glowed like something from Tron, but the person (I don't remember who it was) in the room told me they were over-trousers and I couldn't wear them. I needed to find some normal trousers. That's when the person's parter arrived. He was angry, and built like an american footballer. And there was me, without trousers.

The scene changed again, we were breaking into a base, and there was a virus that the villains were releasing. It could be controlled, and it started like a strange floating mass, glowing, about the size of an apple. It reached out tendrils, and was grabbing nails, tools, metal and anything it could find to absorb the materials and grow into a dangerous, sharp force that could pierce flesh and armour.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Runaway Diamond

The motel room was being investigated by agents. There was a strange film, almost like a liquid cling-film over the glass on the door. It was solidifying, and becoming stronger. One of the agents had an elemental name, though I can't remember it now. I do remember thinking that they may have a connection to Sapphire and Steel, the old series from the 80's.

There was a couple on the floor, kissing, but covered in blood and the agents seemed to be ignoring them. There was a girl in the corner with a guitar, and she knew she had to get away. There was something wrong with the agents. The couple stopped what they were doing, and made for the exit.

Next thing I remember, was out in the parking lot, and the trio were about to make their escape. The agents were trapped in the motel room, the film on the door solidified harder than diamond. The girl threw her guitar, a bass, into the nearby trash and hopped onto the back of a motorcycle-sidecar.

The play's the thing

We'd gone to a play in London, a strange follow up to a massively popular play that we'd already seen, and were confused that they'd managed to create a sequel. Next to the theatre was a very old pub, and the landlord spent a while explaining the history of the place.

The play itself didn't seem to make any sense - there was a suitcase full of water and angels, a child was being frozen under the water, and then it stopped for the end of Act 1.

We left the theatre, and started walking home without returning for Act 2. We walked home through the park, passing various children who had been in the play who said hello and greeted us by name. Out in the green of the park, a brightly coloured parrot was attacking pigeons and it hovered in the air savaging them. I tried to shoo it away with a blanket I'd found.